Sunday, January 4, 2015

Doing Business in China - My Personal Experience

"Doing business in China has been for me, always frustrating, generally unprofitable but curiously enjoyable.  Part of this has been the warmth of the Chinese people, but I suspect most of it is due to my own sense of humour, which has been my weapon against low spirits in times of adversity.

But the fact remains that China will be the most important economy in the 21st century.  Perhaps it will not be the largest (although that seems likely) but it will be the economy that will determine business futures in so many areas.  Once that proposition is accepted, it is almost inevitable that business in China ought to be considered.  But it will represent a challenge.

The starting point of any business challenge is to understand what you are getting yourself into.  But this is a “How to” guide, so once that background on China and the Chinese is delivered my intention is to give some pointers on how to do business there or with them.

This text is based on my personal experience rather than research or the collected stories of others.  Some of the lessons that I have taken on board have been hard learned, at personal cost – always the most indelible rote. " 
by Peter Marriott


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  1. In my opinion the decline is just for days and the business will surely rise in the coming time. Enjoy doing your work there and hopefully it will get better soon.

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